Saturday, May 30, 2009


I tersangatlah tak sukanya apabila tanda2 'time of the month' melanda diri I. I siap bagitau awal2 kat my hubby and my Eldest & Middle E yang Mummy diaorg ni tengah takde mood. So, jangan la cuba nak buat apa2...kalau tak kena gayanya....sure I melenting. I cuba gak kawal diri ni....tapi kekadang tu out of control la. That's why I rasa perempuan kalau yang jadi boss tu sure tak sebest boss lelaki. One of the reasons, bila tanda2 pee em ess dah ada ja, mood orang perempuan ni jadi tak stabil. So, kalau salah sikit ja sure tarik muka masam ker, marah2, etc..tapi insya-Allah cuba2 la bawa bertenang ja...(ceh ceh nasihat untuk diri sendiri jugak:-)
Mmmm, since I dah takde mood today, we all breakfast kat luar sahaja. As usual breakfast kat kedai mamak dekat dengan rumah we all. Dalam takde2 mood ni, house chores kena buat jugak. Kalau I tak buat sape lagi nak buat. After breakfast, do laundry, cleaning the house, vakum and apa2 ja yang berkaitan dengan rumah. Pastu lak, I prepare the lunch dengan my Youngest E. Terpaksa la dukung the Youngest E sambil memasak since my Hubby hantar my Eldest E to the school for her sports day rehearsal. My Middle E pun ikut my Hubby. My Eldest E dilantik untuk membaca our Rukun Negara on her sports day tommorrow. Other than that, My Eldest E ada buat pertunjukan esok iaitu menari..emmmm, I tak sure macam mana my Eldest E boleh terpilih untuk acara menari sebab as I know, she can't dance. Keras macam kayu. Tapi tak tahu la kalau my Eldest E ada bakat terpendam. Apa2 pun for my Eldest E, mummy tetap support anak mummy.
Meh layan menu lunch we all on the saturday..:-

Daging Goreng..

Udang masak sambal..

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hi semua...lama betulla tak mengupdatekan blog ni banyak betulla constraints....macam laptop kat rumah macam kena masuk workshop....2 biji pulak tu....tu pasal weekend tak boleh nak update apa2 kat blog...nak jengah blog member2 lak lagi la tak boleh.....
Ni pun baru masuk opis...after 3 days training kat Grand Season wajib hadir pulak tu...layan la....dapat kengkawan baru...makan best kat hotel...
ni u all layan la menu yang I bikin for my family on the weekend kay.....nak sambung buat kije dulu...later2 I update lagi.....
Nasi Goreng Ayam ntah apa2 ntah rasanya...sbb tak cukup bahan2...main masak ja....

Ketam masak sweet sour makan dengan nasi putih panas....layannn

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My First Bike...

Well, not mine.... but rather my 2Es.

Dua tiga round pusing Selayang carik basikal kaler Pink.
Last-last tadi jumpa kat kedai Ane Samy, terus kitorang angkut 2 bijik. 
Yang besaq ambik light pink yang si kecik nak yang darker shade of pink.
I suppose girls will always be girls lah.

Ni the 2Es tu tak sabar-sabar nak tunggu rasmikan bike baru diorang.
Daddy pulak nak tunggu petang....6.30pm, sebab sekarang crazy hot.
Eldest E dah bising nak main basikal since pukul 3pm...lambat betullah nak petang katanya...

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm back..

First of all...I selamat kembali ke M'sia after a short trip with my friends...Hubby and 3Es ditinggalkan kejap....hehehehe....sekali-sekala, apa salahnya.
Later I update u all yea....

5 yrs old (19 May 2009) - Happy Birthday To My Eldest E

The day you were born,
when we first met,
Was a glorious time,
one I'll never forget.
You became my baby,
and I became your mother,
And I felt great joy,
beyond any other.
And every day
from then on after,
You've filled my life with
love and laughter.
When you were a baby and only
one day old...

You needed three names: a first, middle, and last.
We'd tried out many, but only one combo passed.
It was balanced and friendly and dignified,
So we made it your own to use worldwide.

Your name is your own
and it feels just right.
It's easy to say and
not too hard to write.
When you were a baby and only
one month old...
You slept as much during the day as at night,
And weren’t bothered at all by noise or light.
Dozing in a car, train, or jumbo jet
Suited you as well as your bassinet.

Now you sleep
All through the night,
And don’t open your eyes
till the morning light.
When you were a baby and only
two months old
Instead a bathing you in the big tub,
I held you in the sink for your daily scrub.
You were too floppy to sit up on your own;
You needed my help or you’d sink like a stone.

Now you’ve mastered the art
Of bubbly disguises,

So tub time is full of jokes
And surprises.
When you were a baby and only
three months old
If a pal called out “hello” or “goodbye”,
You couldn’t yet say real words in reply.
Instead you uttered soft baby coos,
In answer to all such how~do~you~dos.

Now it’s easy
To shoot the breeze
With any person
that you please.
When you were a baby and only
four months old
Nothing as yet had made you laugh,
Not even your singing spotted giraffe,
Until Daddy put on one of his shows,
And you laughed at the sight of a spoon on his nose.

Now at times
there’s no controlling
You fits of laughter
once they’re rolling.
When you were a baby and only
five months old

You pushed yourself up with your arms slightly bent,
And added some oomph and over you went.
After that roll you tried a few more,
Then nothing could stop you from crossing the floor.

Now you’re nothing less
than superior,
At tumbling from
your head to posterior.
When you were a baby and only
six months old

Cutting new teeth made your gums awfully ouchy,
Which made you cry and act rather grouchy.
Of all the chewies that eased your teething,
You found your toes by far the most pleasing.

Now you have twenty teeth
~keep them clean.
They look better white
than mossy green.
When you were a baby and only
seven months old

You could easily have choked on a grape or cashew,
So hard foods like those were not offered to you.
Instead, you ate foods that were mashed into goo.
They were safe and easy for you to chew.

Now you can munch
On all kinds of snacks,
Even marshmallows, popcorn,
and Crackerjacks.
When you were a baby and only
eight months old
You learned to creep, but that didn’t last
Because creeping was slow and you wanted fast!
Propped on all fours, you found your balance,
And added crawling to your long list of talents.

Now it’s easy to stand
On tiptoe,
Or hop on one foot
fifty times in a row.
When you were a baby and only
nine months old

When I posed the question and held you high,
I never expected to hear a reply.
“Who loves her little chicken?”I whispered to you.
“Mama,” you said, out of the blue.

But now your vocabulary
Is immense,
And your talks are known
for their eloquence.
When you were a baby and only
ten months old

The difference between naughty and good
Was yet to be something you understood.

Now you understand
That naughty offenses
Are usually followed by
tough consequences.
When you were baby and only
eleven months old

You could hardly believe what was before your eyes
When you met someone who was just your size.
But when no one was looking he snatched your toy,
And then you wished to be rid of that boy.

Now you and your friends
know how to play fair,
And are more than happy
to swap and share.
When you were a baby and only
twelve months old

You stood up straight, and with a great deal of pep,
Proceeded to take your very first step.
It was followed by steps two, three, and four,
Then your well-padded bottom hit the floor.

Now when we’re walking
I have to plead
For you to slow
your rapid speed.
On your first birthday, when you turned one,
Your big~kid life had officially begun…

Your favourite people came to celebrate,
And cake with sprinkles is what we ate.
The entire household was completely abuzz,
But you didn’t know what day it was.

Now you can’t wait
Till your birthday’s here,
It’s your favourite day
of the entire year.
You’ve grown so much since your very first day.
Now you’re up and running and on your way
To have more adventures and explore new heights,
And to sample all of life’s fabulous delights.

written by:Jennifer Davis

Happy Birthday (5 yrs olds) to My Dearest Edelyn Natasha Bt Nor Eziel Azram from Mummy, Daddy, Elyssa and Emil...Moga2 jadi anak yg baik dan solehah and all the best to u in Life.....LUV u lots.......

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'll be away

I will be taking a short trip.

I will try to update my blog after my vacation. Take care, everyone. See you then !!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seharian di HUKM

As usual, I have to take my Middle E to HUKM for her medical check-up. Appointment with the doctor was scheduled at 10.00am. Unfortunately, we only managed to see the doctor at 3.15pm. U all bayangkan la, lamakan we all tunggu...nasib baik la my Middle E ni tak banyak songeh compared to the my Eldest E. My Middle E ni relaks ja dan cuma tanya hanya 2 kali sahaja bila boleh berjumpa dengan doktor. Sambil menunggu tu, my Middle asyik tengok dan cium pipi semua baby yang ada kat ruang menunggu tu. Bila my Middle E dah terasa dahaga atau lapar, baru dia berhenti main2 dengan baby. I pun dah siapkan bekalan apa2 yang patut (roti, biskut) la for my Middle E sementara tunggu nak berjumpa dengan doctor.
Secara kebetulan pulak my Middle E demam, so dia tak la berapa aktif sangat....sempat la my Middle E take a nap sambil2 menunggu tu. Nak dijadikan citer, we all adalah patient yang terakhir untuk hari tersebut...sabar ja la.

Masa jumpa dengan doctor, the results of my Middle E taking jab everyday before bedtime amatlah memberangsangkan. 3 months before this treatment, her height was only 76cm and weighed at 8.4kg. 3 months later, the result: her height is now 81.5cm and she weighs at 9.2kg. Alhamdullillah...ada progress gitu. I puji my Middle E ni yang mana dia sedikit pun tak menangis apabila I suntik growth hormone kat perut dia...malah siap ingatkan I untuk suntik dia jika I terlupa.....sebab my Middle E cakap, dia kena cochok everyday supaya dia jadi beshar dan lebih tinggi. Keep it up my dear...mummy loves u so much.....

Wajah keletihan dan kepenatan My Middle E sementara menunggu giliran utk berjumpa dengan doktor

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day..

Happy Mother's Day To all mums......
To all beautiful mothers in the world....Happy Mother's Day and thank you for all the good things you have done for your family. You should be proud of yourself as being a mum is not an easy job and you managed to spread the love to everyone around u......
I amik card2 ni dari Kak Inahar.....Tq kak....


Emmm....ntah kenapa la minggu ni I agak malas nak memasak....haaaa...satu sebab dah lama tak ke, bahan2 nak memasak pun banyak tak cukup....sebab yang satu Youngest E lak asyik nak berkepit ja dengan I....tak boleh nak berenggang langsung.....waima bila daddy dia yang jaga pun tak boleh nak lama...mengerat sungguh la si Emil ni....(mengerat ni bahasa kelate yg bermaksud tak boleh nak berenggang langsung)....mmg tension la....nak gi toilet buang air pun kena bawa si Youngest E ni....u all bayangkan la betapa sadissnya......tu pasal la bila my Youngest E ni tido (tido pun tak lama)...I macam lipas kudung kena buat kerja2 yang wajib diselesaikan seperti membasuh, menyidai, memvakum...memasak...(simple2 ja)... Sudah la sekarang ni dia memang tengah lasak....asyik2 nak memanjat ja....dah ler belum pandai duduk lagi...tapi perasan terer dah berdiri sambil pegang sebelah tangan.....dah tak larat la nak kutip dia.....alih2 dukung ja dia....senangskit tapi badan2 I pulak yang terasa sakit....sabar ja la....Maybe kalau si my Youngest E ni dah berjalan...sure lagi kelam kabut dibuatnya....maybe kat tangga pun dia nak main....anak lelaki la dikatakan....buas, nakal, haaaa...apalagi gelaran....semuanya ada....terpaksa I layan semua tuu.....
Breakfast on saturday I cuma buat nasi goreng ja...lunch makan ayam masak merah, telur goreng dan nasi panas....dinner makan lebihan lauk lunch plus sardin.....
Breakfast on sunday, we all makan kat kedai roti canai, roti telur, ayam goreng, teh tarik dan air barli....after that mu hubby ada futsal kat, lunch I cuma gorengkan ayam ja utk 2Es....ala2 budak memang suka ayam goreng..(lagipun tu ja yang ada dalam peti sejuk I plus dengan 2 keping ikan tenggiri) hubby balik pukul 3 ptg, I cuma buatkan dia nasi putih, ikan tenggiri masak sweet sour dan timun....layan ja la......
Ingat petang we all nak kuar...dinner kat luar...alih2 my hubby lak sakit kepala yang amat sangat dan rasa tak sedap badan so, cancellah...2Es la kesian....dah bersiap2 comel .....hampa sbb tak jadi kuar....mlm I gorengkan nasi utk 2Es for their dinner.......

menu lunch ahad..nasi putih, ikan tenggiri sweet sour dan timun..

My Hubby makan obat je lah hari ni. Dia siap cakap kat nurse klinik tu "Ishhh banyaknye, ni..nasik ke ubat?" Hahaha. Record breaking prescriptions - 8 jenis meds.

Dinner sorang2..

Dinner malam ni cuma I sorang ja yang makan sbb anak2 dah makan kat rumah yang mum....My hubby lak gi tengok konsert Black Dog Bone kat Istana Budaya dengan kengkawan scholar dia after maghrib prayer....I tidokan semua my 3Es lebih kurang jam 9.00 malam......after my 3Es dah tido, I terasa lapar la pulak...malas lak nak masak nasi ....jenguk2 dalam peti sejuk ada buah naga merah...emmmm apalagi....balun la....sebijik pun dah kenyang...alhamdullillah...lepas tu I layan sorang2 movie.....

Buah naga merah yang belum dimakan.....

Dah abess dah......

Friday, May 8, 2009

Gadget baru ganti yang lama..

Yea yea..dapat blender baru....actually blender lama I (dah hampir 6 tahun pakai) dah, hayat tak panjang...Memang dah lama dah nak beli tapi asyik bertangguh, last Wednesday during lunch time, I with my good friends plan nak lunch kat MidValley....memang lunch pun kat situ but before that we all window shopping dulu, tetiba ada booth TEFAL kat situ...buat promotion sempena Mother's Day. Ada sale sampai 50% utk periuk belanga cap TEFAL ni...
I berminat nak usha2 dulu...konon2nya last terus terbeli ja blender cap Moulinex ni...dapat arrrr 10% diskaun dan ada voucher Secret Recipe RM10.00....layan ja la....ok la ada blender ni...boleh2 jugak la nak blend cili kering jadi cili boh. Kalau tak tu setiap minggu paw my mum punya cili yang sudah siap diblend. Cuma tak dirasmikan lagi ni...minggu ni kutssss....hehehehe

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend...takde mood

Betul2 I takde mood weekend ni.....dah ler badan I rasa sengal2, hidung pun dah setat berair...bersin, batuk2 dan sakit kepala...alamak..camne ni, ni tanda2 kesihatan badan sudah merosot ni...maybe terjangkit dengan anak2 I ni....aarrgghhh...tak selesa arrr with this situation. Bila rasa tak sihat ni ditambahkan lagi virus "malas", nak buat apa2 pun takde, this Weekend takde menu utk dipersembahkan. Dalam takde2 mood ni jugak, breakfast on Saturday, I tetap buatkan jugak...tak sampai hati la....kesian kat anak2 dan hubby I, nanti kebulur la pulak diaorg. For breakfast I buat bee hoon goreng yang dicampurkan dengan sotong, telur, daging dan sayur kobis....For lunch, menu memang simple giles...I cuma masak nasi, goreng dendeng daging (hubby bawa balik dr Padang), goreng ikan kerisi dan sambal belacan. Ni menu dah tahap gaban malas ni......sib baik la my hubby dan 2Es tu tak complaint.....bagus2...hihihihihi.
For dinner, I cuma buat macaroni goreng bersama minced meat dan telur. Ok ja diaorang makan sambil layan konsert AF. Lepas 3Es dah hanyut dibuai mimpi....I and hubby layan cerekarama lak...."Bila mama pakai celana"...lakonan Ogy Ahmad Daud ( I suka dia sgt2...sbb bila dia berlakon mmg overacting...but her lakonan benar2 hidup), Arash Mohamad, Nora Danish..etc. Sambil nonton, we all layan hasil air tangan I ,"cham" ice...(menjadi jugak....1st time dot com ni....)

Sunday...dapur I betul2 tak berasap dari pagi sehingga la ke betulla hidup I. Breakfast, we all makan nasi lemak kukus ayam kampung goreng di Wangsa Melawati...sedap...wa cakap hubby panggil nasi lemak hantu kopek sbb yg menggorengkan ayam kampung tu seorang makcik yang mempunyai ******* yg begitu XL....hihihihihi...lepas tu we all lepak kat rumah my hubby punya cousin (tinggal kat area2 tu jugak la)...sambil tgk baby Danish Rayyan....After that, we all terus lancar ke rumah my mother in-laws la pulak...mmg langkah kanan...terus lunch kat situ....rezeki jangan ditolak....

Malam....kitaorg tak dinner pun..anak2 pun tido awal....cukup la tu since dah 2 kali pekena nasi hari ni.....hehehehehehe....

Ni menu (macaroni goreng bersama minced meat dan telur) virus org takde mood nak masak......tapi kenyang jugak la.....

Friday, May 1, 2009

1st May 2009....

Selamat Hari Pekerja kepada semua pekerja2 di mana jua anda berada...termasuk la pada diri I...lagi satu Happy Birthday to my youngest sister Mira yang ke 18....all the best to you for your future undertakings...and may Allah bless u.
For breakfast, I bawa all my 3Es and Mira to kedai mamak. Malas la nak buat, we all layan roti canai, roti telur, ayam goreng, nescafe dan teh tarik kurang manis (for me) Eldest dan Middle E cuma minum air kosong ja....waima we all makan kat restoran yang mahal...(ni sekali-sekala ja pergi)...jimat 'kan...lepas breakfast, lepak2 ja kat rumah.

For lunch, I cuma prepare ayam masak merah ja....budak2 sangat suka lauk ni...since my hubby takde..satu lauk ja dah cukup...hehehehehe...

Ayam masak merah kegemaran My Eldest n My Middle E...

Petang, I pergi ke rumah my mum sementara tunggu nak amik my hubby kat KL Sentral jam 8.30mlm....lepak2 sambil makan nasi lemak....After amik my hubby, we all minum2 pulak kat Old Town White Coffee kat Melati.....malas nak taip banyak2....layan gambar ja la yea....

Cham Ice...tapi macam terlebih pahit la pulak...

Ice cream French Toast n Butter Kaya French Toast...

Mira with 2Es...

Daddy with Emil....(gambar blur la....)

Mummy with 2Es.....

Khamis-30 April 2009

I suka sangat this Thursday.....Why??? Sebab yang pertama, minggu ni dapat cuti panjang sbb esok..Jumaat adalah cuti Hari Wilayah...dan bersambung pulak dengan hari Sabtu dan Ahad yang sememangnya betulla weekend ni....Sebab yang kedua....esok my Hubby balik dari bercuti....yahoooooo....anak2 pun tak sabar nak jumpa dengan daddy diaorg...mesti ada ole-ole utk we all......bestnya....

My Eldest dan My Middle E dah baik drpd demam.....mmmm...lega rasanya,cuma My Youngest E ja yang belum baik sepenuhnya....still under medication. Thanks to my mum and Mira who took care of 3Es masa I pergi kerja. Luv u guys....mmmuuuuaaah...

Balik ja dari office, my mum ada bikin pengat durian.....emmmm sedap la makan bersama roti atau kalau rajin boleh buat lempeng ker.....My Eldest and Middle E sangat tidak suka dengan durian....apa saja yang makanan yang terhasil daripada durian diaorang tak makan...ikut daddy la tuuu....rugi besar 'kan...I rasa la bagi sape2 yang tak suka / makan durian....

Ni la pengat durian atau I just namakan cicah durian ja.....emmm sedapnya...
Ni pulak buah tangan dr Izyani yg bercuti di Sarawak....kek lapis Sarawak...sedap jugak...