Friday, May 22, 2009

5 yrs old (19 May 2009) - Happy Birthday To My Eldest E

The day you were born,
when we first met,
Was a glorious time,
one I'll never forget.
You became my baby,
and I became your mother,
And I felt great joy,
beyond any other.
And every day
from then on after,
You've filled my life with
love and laughter.
When you were a baby and only
one day old...

You needed three names: a first, middle, and last.
We'd tried out many, but only one combo passed.
It was balanced and friendly and dignified,
So we made it your own to use worldwide.

Your name is your own
and it feels just right.
It's easy to say and
not too hard to write.
When you were a baby and only
one month old...
You slept as much during the day as at night,
And weren’t bothered at all by noise or light.
Dozing in a car, train, or jumbo jet
Suited you as well as your bassinet.

Now you sleep
All through the night,
And don’t open your eyes
till the morning light.
When you were a baby and only
two months old
Instead a bathing you in the big tub,
I held you in the sink for your daily scrub.
You were too floppy to sit up on your own;
You needed my help or you’d sink like a stone.

Now you’ve mastered the art
Of bubbly disguises,

So tub time is full of jokes
And surprises.
When you were a baby and only
three months old
If a pal called out “hello” or “goodbye”,
You couldn’t yet say real words in reply.
Instead you uttered soft baby coos,
In answer to all such how~do~you~dos.

Now it’s easy
To shoot the breeze
With any person
that you please.
When you were a baby and only
four months old
Nothing as yet had made you laugh,
Not even your singing spotted giraffe,
Until Daddy put on one of his shows,
And you laughed at the sight of a spoon on his nose.

Now at times
there’s no controlling
You fits of laughter
once they’re rolling.
When you were a baby and only
five months old

You pushed yourself up with your arms slightly bent,
And added some oomph and over you went.
After that roll you tried a few more,
Then nothing could stop you from crossing the floor.

Now you’re nothing less
than superior,
At tumbling from
your head to posterior.
When you were a baby and only
six months old

Cutting new teeth made your gums awfully ouchy,
Which made you cry and act rather grouchy.
Of all the chewies that eased your teething,
You found your toes by far the most pleasing.

Now you have twenty teeth
~keep them clean.
They look better white
than mossy green.
When you were a baby and only
seven months old

You could easily have choked on a grape or cashew,
So hard foods like those were not offered to you.
Instead, you ate foods that were mashed into goo.
They were safe and easy for you to chew.

Now you can munch
On all kinds of snacks,
Even marshmallows, popcorn,
and Crackerjacks.
When you were a baby and only
eight months old
You learned to creep, but that didn’t last
Because creeping was slow and you wanted fast!
Propped on all fours, you found your balance,
And added crawling to your long list of talents.

Now it’s easy to stand
On tiptoe,
Or hop on one foot
fifty times in a row.
When you were a baby and only
nine months old

When I posed the question and held you high,
I never expected to hear a reply.
“Who loves her little chicken?”I whispered to you.
“Mama,” you said, out of the blue.

But now your vocabulary
Is immense,
And your talks are known
for their eloquence.
When you were a baby and only
ten months old

The difference between naughty and good
Was yet to be something you understood.

Now you understand
That naughty offenses
Are usually followed by
tough consequences.
When you were baby and only
eleven months old

You could hardly believe what was before your eyes
When you met someone who was just your size.
But when no one was looking he snatched your toy,
And then you wished to be rid of that boy.

Now you and your friends
know how to play fair,
And are more than happy
to swap and share.
When you were a baby and only
twelve months old

You stood up straight, and with a great deal of pep,
Proceeded to take your very first step.
It was followed by steps two, three, and four,
Then your well-padded bottom hit the floor.

Now when we’re walking
I have to plead
For you to slow
your rapid speed.
On your first birthday, when you turned one,
Your big~kid life had officially begun…

Your favourite people came to celebrate,
And cake with sprinkles is what we ate.
The entire household was completely abuzz,
But you didn’t know what day it was.

Now you can’t wait
Till your birthday’s here,
It’s your favourite day
of the entire year.
You’ve grown so much since your very first day.
Now you’re up and running and on your way
To have more adventures and explore new heights,
And to sample all of life’s fabulous delights.

written by:Jennifer Davis

Happy Birthday (5 yrs olds) to My Dearest Edelyn Natasha Bt Nor Eziel Azram from Mummy, Daddy, Elyssa and Emil...Moga2 jadi anak yg baik dan solehah and all the best to u in Life.....LUV u lots.......

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