Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nak share je....cubalah:-))

I'm back!!!!!!!

Salam gorgeous people di luar sana...yesss...finally I found the time...not so right time jugak..but it's ok, a very short and hopefully good entry for you gorgeous mums out there. I'm sure most of you already know the secret to natural "botox" and "detox" without taking any "tea" that makes you rush to the loo every 10mins, or eating diet pills atau following a tight diet regime that will only last you for 3 mths? Betul 'kan....

Okay....I'm here to share what I found out last 3 weeks ya...will get you the complete correct eating habit when I have the time to type it out ya.
What made me excited is this statement : botox a'la naturel...I got excited and remembered only 2 things from the list....

1.Every morning drink at least 500ml of plain water(you know this I'm sure...for detoxing)

2.Blend red apple (with skin) and oranges(tanpa skin) together and drink the juice,without adding sugar.(this is natural botox)

Those are the 2 things that stuck on my mind,as I've never tried doing no 2 tapi yang no 1 tu memang buat pun BUT....I intend to try it out as soon as I get my new juice extractor (ada sape2 kat luar sana yang sudi hadiahkan kat I?)...muahaahahahahahua..which is I tak tahulah bila nak dapatkannya sebab tanpa juice extractor tu susah nak hasilkan juice yang pure 'kan......does anyone out there knows if blending using the normal blender works? Just let me know ya!!!
So,all the best...follow this 2 things every morning to get that natural glow on your face:)


  1. Asilah
    Thanks for sharing. Senang aje ek? tapi I pun kena beli juice extractor.

  2. Aunty Som....
    You are welcome...simple & easy...dan the result pasti tidak mengecewakan. Pasti u nampak lagi awet muda gituuuuuu...:-))

  3. boleh la you kalau guna blender biasa tu. i made my fruit juice guna blender biasa tu tp jenuh nak strain la pastu. kalau orange tu make sure you get rid of that kulit putih (belah dalam) tu as much as possible sbb pahit. hampas jgn buang, buat body scrub. add some oat and honey and powder milk. syok!

  4. Hi Ummi....
    Tq for tips....akan dicuba....:-))